Focused on Growth

We are a growth-focused team that specializes in creating opportunities for B2B. Our mission is simple – to help you succeed by building scalable outbound email systems that reach your ideal customers.

We started Creatop as a side project after mastering the skills of email marketing, account management, and business development.

We gathered around the idea of creating opportunities for our partners and our passion for helping businesses grow is what brought us closer.

1 +
Years of Experience

B2B Email Marketing​

We develop scalable outbound lead generation systems that effectively reach targeted audiences.
Handling all the backend work, targeting, list building, copywriting, and campaign management.

In-House Email Marketing

Interested in building your own outreach team?
Designate a project leader to start up your own outreach efforts. We’ll set it up and share our strategy
in just 2 weeks.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing in 2023

Targeted Outreach

We manage targeting, list building, and develop strategies that reach your ideal prospects. Leveraging intent signals, industry events, funding milestones, specific job titles, company size, SEO data, keywords and more.

Straightforward, No BS Copywriting

We take a multi-layered approach to sequence writing. Our method implements continuous testing of subject lines, email sequences, variations, CTAs, and signatures.

Advanced Tools

We leverage advanced software to automate and streamline lead generation. Including domain/IP warmup, multiple-inbox sending, data prospecting, contact verification, and other essential processes.

Ready to take your B2B Lead Generation
to the next level?

Contact us today to learn more about how Creatop can help you create opportunities and drive growth for your business.